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Outdoor Solutions

Smart Grow Agritech is proud to be a leader in delivering a range of innovative UAV Products to the agricultural industry and land management services. We utilize cutting edge technology to deliver the highest fidelity products available on the market. 

We are one of the only companies in Northern Virginia utilizing a 6 band spectrometer with hyper accurate LIDAR that allows us to create millimeter resolution products to give clients perspectives never before possible with satellite or aerial solutions.

Drone Media1.JPG

UAV Capabilities

  • Plant Population

  • Plant Size

  • Emergence Fraction

  • Vegetation Fraction

  • Yield Potential

  • Vegetation Stress

  • Maturity Date

  • Flowering Predictions

  • Plant Height

  • Plant Density 

  • Weed Identification 

  • Greenness Index

  • High Resolution RGB 

  • 3-D GIS

  • Plant Lodging 

  • Spike Density

  • Elevation

  • Stormwater Runoff

  • Nutrient Deficencies 

  • Pest/Disease Detection

  • Irrigation Optimization

  • Field Utilization Reports

  • Crop Insurance Reports 

  • Building/Zoning Reports


And much more... all in custom reports and maps!

Remote Crop Monitoring

Another outdoor solution we offer is our weather monitoring system. This system allows you to remotely track metrics such as temperature, wind speed, and more through the Home Assistant App and custom dashboards.

This serves a great use for busy farmers who may not have all the resources necessary to check all parts of a plot everyday.

With this system farmers are able to check on their crops with only a few clicks necessary.

Contact us to schedule an outdoor solutions purchase!

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