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About Us

Smart Grow Agritech was founded in 2018 by Alex Mann, who was looking for ways to easily grow his own food in his backyard garden. What started as a single RaspberryPi connected to the cloud has evolved into a network of IoT devices using edge-to-cloud connectivity and blockchain solutions. As the company has grown, we have maintained a focus on environmental sustainability and green production practices.


At Smart Grow Agritech, we believe that "the more you know, the better you grow." We are constantly seeking new ways to use technology in the agricultural industry and work with our clients to implement custom solutions. Our roadmap includes industrial hemp fiber carbon credits backed by a robust blockchain database and a network of partner farmers around the world. Our goal is to grow more with less and provide farmers with the data they need to make better decisions in the field.

We have established strategic partnerships to achieve these goals. Click the Partnerships button to learn more. If you have any additional questions about our solutions or mission, please feel free to contact us.

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