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Pure Shenandoah

In 2020 Alex transitioned from the construction industry in DC and moved to the Shenandoah Valley to enhance the industrial hemp industry with Pure Shenandoah. 

With the help of Smart Grow Agritech, Pure Shenandoah was able to increase its hemp output. This year Pure Shenandoah is on track to plant more than 500 acres of hemp fiber. Click image below to learn more.


Hemisphere Farm

Hemisphere Farms was Smart Grow Agritech's second contract. We worked with the owner Brian Vincel to design and install a custom hardware/software solution. 

We were able to automate the greenhouses blackout curtains, ventilation fans, drip line irrigation, and installed a multitude of sensors to track everything from temperature and humidity to CO2 and air quality. Click the image below to learn more.



In recent months we have formed a strategic partnership with SmartLedger. As one of the leading blockchain companies with a focus on sustainability and data verification we felt this partnership would greatly benefit both parties.

We will be implementing our shared roadmap to deploy blockchain data verification systems in the field and create a network of sustainable production systems. Click here to see more details about how we will be working together.

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