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Meet the Team

Alexander Mann - CEO | Founder 

Growing up in rural Virginia, Alex was exposed to a variety of growing environments and practices through his surroundings, including vineyards, orchards, farms, and the Blue Ridge Mountains. He has assisted with commercial agriculture installations in California and worked as a harvest intern at two local wineries for multiple seasons. Inspired by his love of nature, his scientific mind, and his desire to make a positive impact on the planet, he founded Smart Grow Agritech. The first "box" was built, programmed, and deployed with great success! With a degree in Audio Engineering from Musicians Institute in Hollywood and a natural green thumb, Alex is now on a mission to develop technologies and farming practices that will benefit the environment, communities, and individuals.


Breyon Mabrey - Chief Information Security Officer (CISO)

Breyon joined the company in February 2020, bringing over a decade of experience in cyber security and information assurance from the private, public, and government sectors to Smart Grow Agritech. He is responsible for developing and implementing strategies to protect Smart Grow Agritech and its clients' data. He also helps to maintain the strategic focus of Smart Grow Agritech's vision: "to turn concepts into realities and bring our clients the best technology for optimal and efficient harvests." Breyon assists in making executive decisions related to the technological interests of the company, outlining our technological vision, implementing technology strategies, and ensuring that technological resources align with the company's business needs.


Devon Webb - Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) 

After finishing his B.B.A. in Marketing at James Madison University and amidst the COVID19 pandemic, Devon has come on board as a Marketing Consultant for Smart Grow AgriTech. He has gained knowledge in the fields of business and marketing through coursework at JMU in addition to real world experience. Devon has worked to receive the Facebook Blueprint Digital Marketing Associate Certification. He also completed JMU’s COB 300 program; where he was tasked with designing a business plan across four integrated courses in a group of six. Devon is also a freelance marketing consultant through his own company (DKW Marketing Consulting). “I love the idea of a new approach to farming,” says Webb.” Automation means greater saving, better products, and more people being able to farm. It just makes sense to introduce it to agriculture.”


Daniel J. Bounds Esq. - Chief Legal Officer (CLO)

Daniel Bounds is the Managing Partner of Bounds and Bounds, PLLC. His practice focuses on Cannabis Law, Business Law, Criminal Defense, and litigating civil and domestic cases in Courts throughout the Commonwealth. A graduate of Louisiana State University's Paul M. Herbert Law Center, Daniel held numerous legal positions throughout law school. He clerked for the East Baton Rouge Office of the Public Defender, the Louisiana Department of Environmental Quality, and the Honorable Jeffrey W. Parker of the 20th Judicial Circuit of Virginia.Prior to joining the firm, Daniel earned his B.A. in History from Virginia Tech in 2011. Although Daniel always considered practicing law, he postponed his eventual life as an attorney in order to continue a proud family tradition: serving in the United States Marine Corps. Daniel served as a Marine from 2012 to 2020 in both active duty and reserve roles. As a Marine, Daniel received his commission after completing Officer Candidate School in Quantico, Virginia. He was eventually promoted to the rank of Captain as a Combat Engineer.

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