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  • Basic

    Perfect for small to medium plots
    Valid for one year
    • Three UAV Drone Scans
    • Three multi-page reports/summary of scans
    • 10% Discount to upgrade *
  • Standard

    Best for all sized operations with advanced analytics
    Valid for one year
    • Four UAV Drone Scans
    • Four custom reports/analysis
    • Access to 5 advanced analytics reports
    • One composite soil test
    • Two spot soil tests
    • Remediation report
  • Advanced

    For large operations with field monitoring and analytics
    Valid for one year
    • Five UAV scans
    • Five custom reports/analysis
    • Access to all advanced analytics reports
    • Two composite soil tests
    • Four spot soil tests
    • Outdoor App controlled weather station with real-time alerts
    • Plant tissue testing
    • Two advanced COA reports
    • Irrigation automation w/Injectors and app control
    • Harvest Report Card
    • Remediation report
Sample Report

Select a Scan Plan or Download a Sample Report

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