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Carbon Project


Smart Grow Agritech recognizes the need for clean and sustainable production practices. This is a need that spans every country across the globe. In 2015 196 countries signed the Paris Climate Agreement to limit global warming. Since then there have been multiple other initiatives made by the international community to meet reduction goals. 

One of the issues that has been holding back the climate initiatives is lack of standardization and transparency. Projects all over the globe have fallen prey to issues such as greenwashing and double counting. 



Smart Grow Agritech will be working with SmartLedger to bring transparency and validation to the international agricultural market. We will be working directly with farmers and local governments to implement our environmental monitoring and tracking solutions. 



We recognize this is no small undertaking and in order to reach our goals we will need to work together with multiple industry leaders across different sectors. We will be utilizing hardware in the field, software in the cloud, and the BSV blockchain protocol to deliver high quality data to farmers in real time while providing auditable transparency for stakeholders and regulators.

If you are interested in being a part of the Carbon Project please reach out. We are available by submitting a contact form.

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